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Course II: Accelerated Deployment and Benchmarking on Bonseyes AI platform


Course Content

  • Overview of the value of AI Assets
  • Dataset descriptions and datatools
  • Initializing a new AI Asset
  • Setting up a training pipeline
  • Building up the algorithm class
  • Exporting to other frameworks
  • Benchmarking
  • Optimization
  • Optimization: LPDNN
  • Documentation
  • Conclusions

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Perry Gibson // University of Glasgow

I work at the intersection of systems and machine learning. I'm interested in across-stack optimization of neural networks, with a focus on what compiler toolchains like Apache TVM and MLIR can bring.

Course Staff Image #2

José Cano // University of Glasgow

José Cano is an Associate Professor in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow, where he leads the Glasgow Intelligent Computing Laboratory (gicLAB). His research interests are in the broad areas of Computer Architecture, Computer Systems, Compilers, Machine Learning and Security.

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